Who came to our 50th+1?

At some point, we saw all of these folks:
Gail Mardfin
Joe Cook & Debbie Mayo Cook
Mike Harbison
Carley Tankoos
Sue Reichart Allen
Reuben Jeffery
Beth Reifers
Hayes Clark
Jeff Castle (& Susie Castle)
Steve Lotz (& Darlene Lotz)
Bill Wright & Sally Wurtzell Wright
Nick Warren
Alexis Massad Gleitman
Mary Kay Daughters (& Jeff Brown)
Ann Collins (& Rick Majewicz)
Jay DeVivo
Cathy Ashley Muskus (& Patrick Muskus)
Mary Cusack Sivore (& Tony Sivore)
Lindley Franklin (& Daryl Driscoll)
Sara Gardner
Mary Pfann Savage (& Rob Savage)
Matt Scott (& Sue Yates Scott)
Sandy Shaw Valek (& Ron Valek)
Rick Shuttleworth (& Vicky Shuttleworth)
Marty Womer (& Mary Keefe)
Bruce Manchon
Ted (Gunnar) Eng
Liz Hough Harden
Doug Lawrence
Noel Cogburn Bryant
Bill Mulkerin
Brian Lindner (& Alexandra Lindner)
Bill White (& Renée White)
Nancy Lockwood Whitcomb (& Ralph Whitcomb)
Jan Lechak Nielson (& Rob Nielson)
Ann Vernon
Debbie Bruno Goyette (& Henry Goyette)
Bobby Moulton
Lyn Littlefield Hoopes
Scott Rodgers (& Lisa Lair)
Steve Vosburgh (& Becky Vosburgh)
Phil Williams
Roger Beatty (& Beverly Beatty)
John Valente (& Dawn Zinda-Valente)
Tom Benson
Peter Sweeney
Joe Vitti
Chris Rowland
Chris Canavan (& Mary Elizabeth Zamboni Canavan)
Lee Kiggins (& Christine Kiggins)
Debbi Hartigan Rowland-Caplan
Betsy Blake Goss
Jim Gammill
Posey Holland Griffin (& Greg Griffin)
Tammis Rehill
Sandra Cunningham Volin
Peter Rogers (& Kathi Rogers)
Janet Herbert Glazer
Bruce Jones
Mike Moore
Mark Schuyler
Lynn Doscher-Vreeland
Ed Maher (& Barbara Maher)
Joanne Doriss Lefferts
Carolyn (Lyn) Wehmann Magness
Jim Tarantino (& Kate Tarantino)
Bob Graham (& Priscilla Graham)
John Shaker
Anthony Devito
Mary Kay Dugdale Danskin
Kathy Fricke Blanton
David Foote (& Marita Villalva)
Amy Anderson
Jeff Wright
Lucy Leyland
Mike Keane (& Rita Keane)
Ray Lietuvninkas
Conni Bergin Carrozelli (& John Carrozelli)
David Hendrickson
Mary Ellen Quirk
Bob Shepherd (& Judy Shepherd)
Tom Kessel
Sue Prentice
Debby Ritter Moore
Katy Angstadt Rahe (& Rod Rahe)
Julie Genster
John Turner
Rob Varney (& Janet Andrews)
Jane Irvine Montgomery
Ted Augustine
Bonnie MacDonald (& Mark)
Joe Calve
Bruce Koehler (& Marietta Koehler)
Wendy Wheeler
Mark Bubar
Carey Moler Karlan
Ellen Stitzel
Bill Cookson
Rob Hight
Lisa Drew
Ned Farrington & Nancy Sawyer Farrington
Janet Fallon Ottinger
Barbara Joynt
Mariette Arguimbau


Remember, there’s a way for everyone to catch up on each others’ lives, whether or not you attended the reunion. Fill out and send in your “50th Reunion Questionnaire – Getting to Know You…(Again!)” with a couple of pictures. Ask Gail Mardfin at gail@plpgraphicdesign.com if you need another one emailed to you. Responses will be posted on a password-protected page and available to everyone who responds. So far, there are nearly 70 – including one turkey!

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