Who’s coming…?

If there’s anyone from our class you’d like to reach out to (who’s not on the Missing List), you can request their email via the Contact Us page. Encourage your old friends to come back…the more the merrier…and who knows when we’ll meet again?!

Here’s who was PLANNING TO COME in 2021.
We’ll update this page when the inviations for 2022 go out in early June.
Jay Ames – Sunday only
Cathy Ashley Muskus
Roger Beatty
Tom Benson
Conni Bergin Carrozelli
Betsy Blake Goss
Debbie Bruno Goyette
Jeff Castle
Hayes Clark
Noel Cogburn Bryant
Ann Collins
Joe Cook
Mary Cusack Sivore
Mary Kay Daughters
Jay DeVivo
Lynn Doscher-Vreeland
Lisa Drew – First Reunion!
Mary Kay Dugdale Danskin
Lindley Franklin
Kathy Fricke Blanton
Jim Gammill
Carol Geiger Mills
Julie Genster
Bob Graham
Mike Harbison
David Hendrickson
Posey Holland Griffin
Liz Hough Harden – Friday & Sunday
John Hughes
Reuben Jeffery
Bruce Jones
Barbara Joynt King
Tom Kessel
Lee Kiggins
Bruce Koehler
Doug Lawrence
Janet Lechak Nielsen
Lucy Leyland
Brian Lindner
Lyn Littlefield Hoopes
Nancy Lockwood Whitcomb
Steve Lotz
Ed Maher
Gail Mardfin
Alexis Massad Gleitman
Debbie Mayo Cook
Carey Moler Karlan
Mike Moore
Robert Moulton
Bill Mulkerin
Cindi Norris
Mary Pfann Savage
Mary Ellen Quirk – Friday & Sunday
Tammis Rehill Lazarus
Sue Reichart Allen
Debby Ritter Moore – Sunday
Gale Rooney Brigham
Chris Rowland
John Shaker
Sandy Shaw Valek
Bob Shepherd
Nancy Sherman
Rick Shuttleworth – Friday & Saturday
Annelise Stunzi Ulrich
Peter Sweeney
Carley Tankoos
Susie Thompson McNamee
Jonathan Towle – Sunday
Roy Trzcinski
John (Jason) Turner
John Valente
Steve VanAnglen
Rob Varney
John Vasone
Ann Vernon
Sandy Volin
Steve Vosburgh
Bill Wright
Jeff Wright
Sally Wurtzell Wright

Here’s who was HOPING TO COME or THINKING ABOUT IT in 2021…
Rich Ahern
Robin Barnum Sokolow
Bonnie Blomquist Reitz
Mike Burkhart – Friday &/or Sunday
Donna Condito Gerstenmaier – Sunday
Eric Cummings – possibly
Prue Kattelle Burkhart – Friday &/or Sunday
Sue Ladue McMaster – Saturday
Hal Lefferts – Sunday
Deborah Lewis
Steve Lupinacci
Bruce Manchon
Patti Mason Martin
Debra Piacente Corvey
Sue Rich – Friday & Sunday
Arlene Rizzo Hlavac – Friday & Sunday
Mark Schuyler – Sunday
Dag Sunden-Cullberg
Janet Tuccinardi lehman – possibly
Nick Warren – not sure at this time
Carolyn Wehmann Magness
Wendy Wheeler

And remember, there’s a way for everyone to catch up on each others’ lives, whether or not you can attend the reunion. Fill out and send in your “50th Reunion Questionnaire – Getting to Know You…(Again!)” with a couple of pictures. Ask Gail Mardfin at gail@plpgraphicdesign.com if you need another one emailed to you. Responses will be posted on a password-protected page and available to everyone who responds.

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