40th Reunion

July 22-24, 2011 – It was hot! The weekend included a gathering Friday night at the Piedmont, Saturday tour of the new Darien High School and softball game, dinner/dance/party at Weeburn Country Club, and the traditional barbecue at Weed Beach on Sunday.

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Friday night at the Piedmont Club

Some of the attendees toured the new Darien High School Saturday morning…

Front row, left to right: Doug Lawrence, Lynn Doscher, Steve Van Anglen, Jay deVito, Hayes Clark, Alexis Massad, Carol Geiger Mills, Mary Cusack Sivore, Rob Hight, Gail Mardfin. Second row-ish: Kricket McCowie, Nancy Stanger Stopher, Mary Kay Dugdale Danskin, Debbie Searer Callicut, Henry Goyette, Debbie Bruno Goyette, Patricia Procaccini, Bill Cookson, Phil Williams. Third row-ish: John Turner, Jim Gammill, Peter Rogers, Mike Moore, Mary Kay Daughters, Rob Moulton, Mary Pfann Savage, Cathy Ashley Muskus, Bruce Jones, Kathy Peterson Lanzalotta, Ross Duncan, Marty Wormer, Noel Cogburn. Back row-mush: Tom Brown Kessel, Debbie Mayo Cook, Joe Cook, Reuben Jeffery, Dave Hendrickson, Posey Holland, Sally Wurtzell Wright, Steve Lotz, Lee Kiggins, Ned Farrington, Jeff Castle, Kathy Fricke Blanton, Ted Augustine, Mike Harbison, Bill Mulkerin, Peter Sweeney, Sandy Cunningham Volin, Bill Wright, John Valente, George Krupnik, Ray Lietuvninkas.

DHS tour and softball game

Saturday night party at Weeburn

Sunday at Weed Beach

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