Darien High School, Darien, Connecticut • Class of 1971

New Plan!!!
Our 50th REUNION WEEKEND is NOW 50th+1 !


50 years…Good!
Covid Pandemic…Bad.
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The Reunion Committee was disappointed to have to postpone our 50th reunion in 2021, but we’ve made it to 2022 and looking forward to our 50th+1 ! Thank you to those of you who wrote to express appreciation for the decision, and thanks to Peter Rogers, all our venue arrangements were able to be carried over to this year.

We are hoping that this yearlong delay will see even MORE of you coming to the 50th+1 reunion, October 14-16, 2022.

Three things:

#1 – If you move or change your email, PLEASE notify the committee through this website. We are NOT re-tracking down classmates, so remember to send any updates to your EMAIL, ADDRESS, or PHONE!

#2 – Fill out your 50th Reunion QuestionnaireFill in the “Getting to Know You…(again!)” questionnaire, attach one or two pictures, and send it in! It will only be shared with others who have sent in their responses on a password-protected webpage. It’s a way for us to reaquaint after so many years — and they’ll be interesting to read, whether you can make it to the reunion or not! If you need another Questionnaire, ask Gail Mardfin at gail@plpgraphicdesign.com

#3 – Share Your “Creative Expressions” – We are excited to showcase the many forms of expression our class members enjoy. Whether it’s a lifelong hobby or creativity allowed to blossom for the first time in retirement – or during Covid! – we invite you to share it here. DIRECTIONS FOR SUBMISSION ARE ON THE PAGE.

Everybody stay safe and healthy until we meet in October!

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