Darien High School, Darien, Connecticut • Class of 1971


What a great weekend and what a great turnout!

111 classmates returned to Darien for all or part of the weekend (53 women and 58 men), and even more when you count spouses and partners who came along for the fun. We had perfect weather, too!

Folks traveled from California, Vermont, Florida, Iowa, Pennsylvania, Texas, North Carolina, Massachusetts, Tennessee, Wisconsin, New Mexico, Maine, Colorado, New Hampshire, Maryland, Indiana, Ohio, Minnesota, Illinois, New York, South Carolina, New Jersey, Kentucky, District of Columbia, Arizona — and the winner with the most attendees, Connecticut (51).

Here is the group shot taken Sunday at Weed Beach on a hill behind the paddle tennis hut. (Some people had already left by the time this picture was taken.)

Darien High School Class of 1971 50th Reunion at Weed Beach in Darien, Sunday October 16, 2022.
Photo by Bob Shepherd’s wife, Judy

If anyone is misidentified, please let us know.
FRONT ROW, SEATED, L-R: Joe Vitti, Rob Hight, Mike Moore, Mary Cusack Sivore, Chris Rowland, Tammis Rehill, Abby Goodyear, Matt Scott, Sally Wurtzell Wright, Gail Mardfin (front), Sara Gardner, Sue Yates Scott, Bruce Manchon

FIRST ROW, L-R: Sandra Cunningham Volin, Joanne Doriss Lefferts, Ann Vernon (hidden behind), Kathy Fricke Blanton, Rob Savage, Cathy Ashley Muskus (behind), Mary Pfann Savage, Mary Kay Dugdale Danskin, Debbi Hartigan Rowland-Caplan (front), Sue Rich, Hayes Clark, Sandy Shaw Valek, Alexis Massad Gleitman, Liz Hough Harden, Mary Keefe, Mary Ellen Quirk, Ann Collins (behind), Carley Tankoos, Debbie Bruno Goyette (behind), Lynn Doscher-Vreeland, Henri Goyette, Scott Rodgers, Kathi Rogers (front), Mary Kay Daughters (front)

NEXT ROW BACK, L-R: Debbie Mayo Cook, Diane Hitchings, Amy Anderson, Ted Eng, Tom Benson, Lisa Drew, Ray Lieutenvinkas (behind), Mariette Arguimbau Scott, John Shaker, MIke Harbison (behind), David Hendrickson, (then somebody totally hidden behind), Bruce Jones, Bruce Koehler, Doug Lawrence, Jay DeVivo, Nancy Lockwood Whitcomb, Ralph Whitcomb, Steve Lotz, Janet Lechak Nielsen, Bill Cookson, Rob Nielsen 

HALF-ROW STARTING AT CENTER to right: Wendy Wheeler, Carey Moler Karlan, Barbara Joynt, Debby Ritter Moore (behind), Marty Womer, Darlene Walsh-Lotz, Ann Collins

BACK ROW: Tom Kessel, Bill Wright, John Turner, Don Harris,Joe Cook, Alexandra Lindner, Posey Holland Griffin, Brian Lindner, Peter Sweeney, Jeff Castle, Bob Graham, Jonathan Towle (hidden behind), Bob Shepherd, Bev Beatty, Peter Rogers, Roger Beatty, Bill Mulkerin (in hat), Nick Warren (mostly hidden), Bill White, Renée White, Phil Williams (behind)


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We are sorry to learn that our classmate Bill Mulkerin died suddenly on March 3, 2023. He was looking good at the reunion! RIP, Bill.

Everybody stay safe and healthy until we meet again for the 55th…
FALL 2026!!

50th+1 Reunion Pumpkin commissioned by David Hendrickson

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