50th+1 Reunion Committee

We have received so many compliments and words of appreciation from those who came back to celebrate! Here’s just one, from Tammis Rehill Lazarus:

Dear Reunion Committee,

Before the first snow falls, I want to think back to the October 14th Weekend of perfect weather, and non-stop fun.  It evokes nothing but laughter, friendship and fun.

At first I was afraid I would be knocking around, lost and alone.  Well, you all had everything planned so nicely, right up to the tee, that I attended every event, and will remember everyone, and all the good memories with joy forever!

I’m sure it was like herding kittens at times, but you really pulled it together.  Thank you so much.  And, thank you for including me all these times.  I feel so lucky.

Now, I can’t wait for the next one!!  Well, maybe I can?  We have to savor these years.

Thanks again.

L to R: Doug Lawrence, Jeff Castle, Mary Ellen Quirk, Sandra Cunningham Volin, Gail Mardfin, Liz Hough Harden, Sally Wurtzell Wright, Peter Rogers, Susan Reichart Allen, Bill Wright, Hayes Clark, Carley Tankoos, Bruce Manchon.

Nancy Coleman’s contributions to our reunions over the years, tracking everyone down, have been invaluable. You are greatly missed.

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