Help Us Locate These Classmates…

If we had something to go on, we’ve tried reaching out via email, phone,
and snail mail, but our records are old…

Do YOU know anyone on this list?
Or know a friend or relative who would?
Or are YOU on this list?!?
Please leave any and all info/tips in a message through the Contact page.

If you are on this list and simply do not wish to be contacted,
kindly send a note to that effect and we won’t bug you anymore!
Until then, we are still looking for you.

Thank you!

Tom Ammer
Susan Anthes Lloyd
Bonnie Bates Durst
Tom Bolton
George W. Brice
David Brightman
Evelyn Burry
Jean Callahan Barbato
Judy Chedester Baum
Sengpaseuth Chounthirath
Paul Stephen Chudy
Brian Clark
Barbara Coutermash Grecco
Jan Davis Rosier
Dori Dominis Beer
Kathleen Donkin
Robert DuBois
William Fellows
Barb Flowers Maestas
Daniel Franz
Ken Fraser
Bruce Fryer
Cindy Fullajtar Carrano
Luke Granfield
Craig Griffith
Marianne Guidote Velez
John Haring
Ron Harms
Jon Jenkins
Scott Johnson
Richard Kelley
Pete Latham
Wendy Jeanne Magnuson Veltman
Robert M. McGoldrick
Glenn Moore
Sally Moore McCandless
Ann Muller Powers
Jan Ostreicher
Barbara Pierpont
Walter Ponichtera
Ralph Savarine
Bill Sharrock
Elaine Shmanda Mester
Scott Smith
Greg Soule
Barbara Spannknebel Risteen-Garvey
Connie Spelbrink Ceconi
Judy Stolz
Nina Swain Shore
Seth Teerath
Bonnie Teplica Leitch
Joann Tiano Sterling-Demar
Carolyn Unnever
Linda Kay Williams
Josh Woodin

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